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Operating Expense – Financial Model for IT Based Startup

The operating expenses of a business a routine direct or indirect expense to keep the routine operations up. The are incurred after the project starts, i.e. after commissioning. They are short-term in nature and can be identified with a particular sale or a particular period. Please open file in the link of information on the video. Have a look at the Opex sheet and then watch the video.

Understanding Capital Expenses for Startup Businesses

The video tells what are capital expenses and their examples.

Excel File Link:

Capital Expenses Concepts

The basic threads of a financial model for a start-up

To put together the thought of entire business idea is very complex, especially from the point of view of seeing its viability. There are independent threads in a business. They largely decide the values in the dependent area. Such independent threads capital expenses, revenues, operating expenses, overheads, working capital, tax, dividend…of course they are highly linked but can be worked on simultaneously.